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OPEN letter to harpists from Israeli citizen

Dear International Harp Contest Participant,

My name is Renen Raz,and I live in Israel. I enjoy a lot of privileges, like all the Jews here.
I am supporting the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS), against the policies of the Israeli state.

The BDS call is about human rights.  Because of the apartheid wall, all the rights of the Palestinians are restricted, for an example, they do not have freedom of movement, nor the freedom of speech.
Palestinians cannot walk with their sheep, because the settlements can attack them, and the army of Israel will not do a thing.

Palestinians also cannot work in their olive tree groves, the JNF (Jewish National Fund) will uproot them. A lot of the the olive tree groves are on the “Israeli side” so the owner of the land (the Palestinian) needs special access to work in his field.

Do not come here and play the harp for Jews only, when your Palestinian fans will not be able to see you.
At each holiday, there is a siege that closes in on Gaza and the West Bank. No one can come in.
The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports you to play for apartheid.

You want to play in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, so you should know about the ethnic cleansing that happened in Jaffa  in 1948, and all over Israel. In Haifa, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, Acre, and many more places.   

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs may pay for part of your hotel and foods bill, and even may pay for your flight costs.  They also fund the auditorium you will be performing in, because it is part of the municipality.
When you come here, do you play like “business as usual?”  When the Palestinians cannot drink water, the solders harm them or shoot them with gas canisters. When they can not eat food, because they do not have the money to pay.

Also, on September 30th, at Anatot Settlements,the settlers attacked all the Israeli activists, nevertheless the police and the border police did not do a thing.

Do you want to collaborate with racism, and hate?

Please read our website for more info.[1]   

I also recommend for you to read Natasha Atlas’ comment about her show in Israel. [2]

If you have more questions,please send it to our website.

Yours in the name of BOYCOTT!

Renen Raz

[1] http://boycottisrael.info/
[2] http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=257850224253526&id=125501987488351

Palestinian owned sheep injured by gunshots from illegal Israeli colonists. (Photo: CPT)

Palestinian olive trees destroyed and uprooted by Israel in village of occupied  Ni’ilin – Active Stills

First posted at http://boycott-israel-harp-contest.posterous.com/open-letter-to-participants-of-israel-interna


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