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“Rosalind Grant Weindling Prize”

Find out what lies behind Israel’s elite tapestry of high society.
The last Harp Contest in Israel was held in 2009.  In 2012 there will be another contest.  Harpists are expected to deem this as the “most prestigious harp contest in the world.” Indeed, in her resume, 2009 contestant Ina Zdorovetchi, boasts of her performance in Israel.[1]  She was the recipient of the Rosalind Grant Weindling prize.[2] This prize is to be offered again in 2012.

I’m a harpist of conscience, Is the Rosalind Grant Weindling prize something worth striving for? 

Veteran harpist Rosalind Weindling is a staunch supporter of apartheid Israel.  She remains a fellow and member of the National Leadership Council of theAmerican Jewish Council [3],  which is known for its support of Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who was complicit in war crimes upon civilians in Gaza.[4]
The American Jewish Council seeks to “win friends for Israel everywhere” and specifically target humanitarians who advocate for justice for the indigenous people of Palestine. [5]

Maybe its not such an honor after all to receive the Rosalind G. Weindling prize?  

Rosalind Grant Weindling is also married to Irwin Weindling, a diamond mogul who co-founded London Star Diamond in New York City.[6] London Star is one of New York’s largest diamond houses, supplying many larger jeweler retailers with diamonds and reportedly has ties with diamonds cut in Israel.[7]
The diamond industry trade in Israel funds war crimes.  Israeli political economist Shir Hever, in evidence to the Russell Tribunal on Palestine stated in November 2010: “Overall the Israeli diamond industry contributes about $1 billion annually to the Israeli military and security industries … every time somebody buys a diamond that was exported from Israel some of that money ends up in the Israeli military so the financial connection is quite clear” (“Day 2, Part 1 of London Session, Russell Tribunal on Palestine,” 21 November 2010).  For the people in Gaza, on the receiving end of Israel’s diamond-funded white phosphorous and flechette nail bombs, diamonds are more likely to symbolize murder, mayhem and blood-soaked terror than love and commitment. [8]

The International Harp Contest in Israel is NOT the place to play my harp.  I won’t apply for it.  I don’t want any part of apartheid!

It is essential for Israel to maintain the elegant facade of philharmonic concerts, chamber music ensembles, and gatherings of sophisticated harpists.  Covering up the brutal occupation in the West Bank, the slow genocide in Gaza, and the multiple violations of International Law in easier when a veil of eliteness is donned.  The denial of the rights of the Palestinian refugees to seek compensation or to return to their own property is ignored.  The legalized discrimination against Arabs with Israeli IDs is hidden from young harpists who are misled into thinking they must add “Israel” to their resume.

[1]”The honors given to Ina Zdorovetchi for her talent and extraordinary performances are
numerous and include winning … at the 17th International Harp Contest in Israel (the world’s most prestigious harp competition)”  http://www.inazdorovetchi.com/biographylong.pdf

[2] http://www.harpcontest-israel.org.il/g/winners

[7] See “Years of Vision and Opportunism” http://www.stardiamond.com/html/history.html


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