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Young Harpists in Japan: Don’t Apply for the Israel Harp Contest

Japan:  Don’t Pluck Harp Strings for the Israel Harp Contest

The Japanese Harp is a beautiful instrument, and it is celebrated throughout Japan.  The western harp is also popular in Japan.

Striving to do well on the harp, can also mean, to compete in harp contests.

Palestinian civil society, and thousands of humanitarians worldwide, are asking and endorsing the call to boycott Israel.  This includes asking Japan’s finest young harpists to boycott the Israel Harp Contest.

Just one small aspect, of the illegal actions of Israel, are seen in the below slideshow.  This monstrous apartheid wall is illegal by International Law.  It cuts people off from their land, and from their families and jobs.  It creates a ghetto that only Israel controls.  Israel says what goes in, and out.  Israel performs arbitrary raids on families and arrests children within these sickening walls.  Israel continues to this day, to build this prison-wall.

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Due to the present boycott, we urge young aspiring Japanese harpists, to ignore the Israel Harp Contest.  Applications are widely available to compete in many other harp contests.  It is a shame, not an honor to compete in and place in the Israel Harp Contest. The Israel contest is an attempt to normalize the illegal actions of Israel.  Harp music should not be used this way.

Japanese harpist Naoko Yoshino, on her biography, still mentions that she was the recipient of first prize in the Harp Contest in Israel twenty six years ago in 1985.

Etsuko Shoiji is quick to mention that she received the Gulbenkian prize during the 2003 Harp Contest in Israel.

Motoko Tanaka, seems unashamed to post on her home page cover that she played with the Israel Philharmonic orchestra last year in 2010 during there government sponsored tour of Japan.

Great respect to all young harpists who ignore the Israel Harp Contest.

*See references below for documentation on apartheid in Israel:
Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa (HSRC) study : Israel is practicing both colonialism and apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).

Full report of the South African Human Sciences Research Council

Israel/Palestine, South Africa and the ‘One-State Solution’: The Case for an Apartheid Analysis
[Bakan, Abigail B. and Abu-Laban, Yasmeen(2010)

Do Israel’s practices in occupied Palestinian territory, namely the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, amount to the crimes of colonialism and apartheid under international law?


SOURCE http://boycott-israel-harp-contest.posterous.com/young-harpists-in-japan-dont-apply-for-the-ha


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