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Harpists, Now is the time to Refrain from the Israel Harp Contest

Watch “The Case For The Cultural & Academic Boycott Of Israel”
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign in London have created a valuable resource making the Case for Cultural and Academic Boycott. Hear from renowned English film and television director Ken Loach, journalist Ben White, Palestinian poet Rafeef Ziadah, Mike Cushman of BRICUP and Ronnie Barkan of Boycott From Within on why they support the cultural and academic boycott of Israel.
Harpists who plan to compete in the Israel Harp Contest also have the wonderful opportunity to stand with human rights, and respect the boycott. You may not agree with the boycott fully, but that’s not reason to take the opposite side, and play for the Israeli state sponsored event. This boycott has been called for since 2005, and now it has taken on a global perspective. People of conscience from New Zealand to Korea, Japan to Toronto, and London to Madrid have supported it. It is a blemish on your resume to perform in Israel while such atrocities continue against the Palestinian people.


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The Invitation: Harpists around the world who strive for musical excellence and display a passion for human rights and justice are all invited to Boycott the 18th International Harp Contest in Israel, planned for 22 November - 6 December, 2012. Blog at https://harpsofconscience.wordpress.com/


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