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Max Brenner Chocolate – Boston sees Human Rights Protesters on Valentines Day

Max Brenner chocolates in Boston is no stranger to protests.  When the Boylston Street store was under construction, there was a daily protest with the visual of a large inflatable rat outside the Max Brenner construction site to protest the use of non-union construction workers. On Valentine’s Day, another type of protest took place, this … Continue reading

Ten Harpists Bow out of Apartheid Israel Harp Contest! Thank you for having a conscience!

Congratulations, thanks, and respect go out to the ten harpists who chose not to play in Israel. In early October, there were a total of 32 non-Israeli harpists listed by the Israel Harp contest as competing.  As of today, (two days into the contest) there are only 22 non-Israelis listed. In addition, the Israel Harp contest confirmed … Continue reading

Harpists, Now is the time to Refrain from the Israel Harp Contest

Watch “The Case For The Cultural & Academic Boycott Of Israel” The Palestine Solidarity Campaign in London have created a valuable resource making the Case for Cultural and Academic Boycott. Hear from renowned English film and television director Ken Loach, journalist Ben White, Palestinian poet Rafeef Ziadah, Mike Cushman of BRICUP and Ronnie Barkan of … Continue reading

Originally posted on PALESTINE FROM MY EYES:
Because we are NOT just numbers, I compiled the names and ages of 174 people murdered during the 8-day Israeli attack on Gaza, November (14-21) and the circumstances in which they were killed. Their blood won’t go in vain. The murder of those innocents has just made us…

Now is the time to Boycott the Israel Harp Contest, not Pluck Harp Strings while Israel bombs Gaza

Now more than ever, is the time to boycott the harp contest in Israel. “Flatten” Gaza like Hiroshima and “mow” the population, Israeli public figures urge Submitted by Ali Abunimah on Sun, 11/18/2012 – 23:20 Palestinian doctors gather to pray around the bodies of four children from the al-Dallu family killed along with seven other persons when … Continue reading

Harp Contest in Israel Contestants: Why now is the time to Boycott Israel

Harpists who plan to compete in the Harp Contest in Israel are usually well-shielded from the realities of Israel’s treacherous occupation.  This very month, Israel claimed the life of 13-year-old Ahmad Abu Daqqa while he played football with friends. By November 14, Israel had intensified its attacks on Gaza and begun to implement an intensive plan of aggression that at the … Continue reading

OPEN LETTER to Harpists: Reasons to Boycott the Israel Harp Contest

Dear Harpist, We are aware that you plan to compete for first prize at the International Harp Contest in Israel this November.   However, we are writing to you in an effort to persuade you not to participate in the contest as we are saddened to see how music is appropriated and exploited in order to … Continue reading

Art Depicts Woman’s, Children’s Suffering in Palestine

Al-Shawa Child’s art, Gaza Strip First posted at http://boycott-israel-harp-contest.posterous.com/palestinian-art-depicts-womans-childrens-suff Details about child artists from the Gaza Strip at MECA (Middle East Children’s Alliance)  See http://www.mecaforpeace.org/ We deeply thank Al-Shawa and Najah (Toment) for the other two pieces of art.  Woman in Palestine face many challenges, women artists must struggle against many obstacles.

“Are their violins, cellos, bassoons, or trumpets any threat to the security of Israel?”

Cello Sounds Lost Like Tears in the Rain: A Palestinian Grandfather’s Story This recent simple email correspondence shows one example of how Israel’s apartheid system tears away at the precious relationship between a grandfather and his grandaughter.  Samia only wanted to do what all grandparents would do, hear his grandchild perform what she had been … Continue reading

Apartheid Israel: No Place to Pluck Harp Strings

UN Committee 2012 Session Concludes Israel’s System Equivalent to Apartheid:  As the Boycott Continues, Harpists Take Note and Refuse to Play in Israel.   [above, The West Bank Wall, a point of contention with the Committee.  Photo by Ann Paq] [The following was originally published in BADIL’s al-Majdal.] Between mid-February and early March 2012, the Committee … Continue reading