How You Can Help

As a harpist, you are apt to be a very compassionate person.  Your compassion probably also extends to human rights.  Maybe you have heard about the sad state of life for over 5 million Palestinians who live under occupation in Israel within the Israeli-controlled Gaza and West Bank.  (And the over 7 million refugees whose land was stolen)
Our hope is, that after you become familiar with the plight of the Palestinian people, that you might also want to contribute your talents.  Maybe you could record a short soothing and healing melody for the traumatized children in Gaza?  Maybe you could write a letter, encouraging young harpists to seek harp competitions elsewhere.
We feel it is high time for harpists to unite to say that “No, the International Harp Contest in Israel is NOT the most “prestigious” harp contest on earth!”  When Israel abolishes apartheid, as happened in South Africa over two decades ago, then there will be no reason for a cultural boycott.  But for now, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses the harp contest to normalize the injustices against the Palestinian people.

We’re proud of our attempt to stop Israel’s policy of apartheid.  We know we alone cannot make change, but with many other organizations volunteering for the same outcome, we think our work is significant.  Please browse through our compassionate and informative blog here or visit our facebook campaign page at  http://www.facebook.com/Harps.Justice.Palestine

Please email us with any ideas or questions, we’d love to hear from you!


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